SCMOM Spirit Week

The club was unable to celebrate its 37th birthday with a playground party as they had hoped, but they still drummed up a jubilant feel for the occasion by hosting a Spirit Week for its members online. For six days, families were encouraged to participate in themed days by posting photos, tagging fellow club members, and voting for favorites! Winners of each competition received a small gift card, and it was a fun change to the monotony that can envelop getting dressed these days.

Pictured below are the winners for Best Birthday Cake for the Club, Best Dressed as if Attending a Club Meeting in 1983, Best Take on Dressing as the Club Logo, Best Twinning Outfits, Best Pajamas, and Best Fancy Outfit.

Congratulations to the winners and to the club on 37 years!

Spring at Home

It’s a different feel these days as all socializing is done without being physically near one another. Still, the club is carrying on with some activities!

A virtual playdate of Show-and-Tell proved to be about as well-attended as most other playdates, and the kids involved enjoyed sharing about their favorite things. The club also had a successful Disney-themed video chat (instead of spending the day at Disney Springs), and will be trying game nights next month. Scattergories has been selected to appeal to the wordsmiths and Pictionary will be played for the creative MOMs.

If you have found fun ways to socialize online during this time, please share what you’re doing!


Fun on the Town

Last year the club did mini-golf for a couples’ night out, which had been a change from the paint nights in years prior. This year, a more relaxed evening was planned, with dinner at local brewery Hell ‘n Blazes and dessert at Here’s the Scoop. The weather in downtown Melbourne cooperated to help make the night enjoyable and fun.

SCMOM Feb 2020 Parents Night

It’s always nice to get out with your spouse, but being around other couples who also have multiples is extra special.

February 2020 Member Breakdown

February 1st starts the second half of the membership year for Space Coast Mothers of Multiples, so it’s high time for a fresh look at the club’s demographics.

Starting with types of multiples, the club has similar numbers of boy/boy, girl/girl, and boy/girl twins. There are three triplet moms currently, with two having two girls and a boy, and one having three boys. No current members have quads or higher.

Feb 2020 chart 3

Next up: age of multiples. While many clubs across the country have their highest numbers in expecting, newborn, and infant mothers of multiples, Space Coast’s membership includes more than a third of members having 2- and 3-year-olds, and a healthy balance across the age groups.

Feb 2020 chart 1

Where is the Space Coast, you might ask? It’s Brevard County, Florida, which is 72 miles north to south and encompasses barrier islands as well. As there are no established groups for mothers of multiples in the county south of Brevard, two members live in Indian River County, and there are also several long-time members who have moved out of the area but maintain their membership and active status in the club. Looking at the chart from last year to this year, there has been a shift from the most members living in Palm Bay to Melbourne housing the majority. Satellite Beach has also grown as well. In the numbers below, “other” represents the following locations, where two or fewer members each reside: Cape Canaveral, Cocoa, Cocoa Beach, Indialantic, Indian Harbor Beach, Malabar, Port St. John, Titusville, Vero Beach, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia.

Feb 2020 chart 2

The club’s 37th birthday is less than three months away, and their longest-active member has belonged for 27 of those years. Six more boast 15+ years in Space Coast MOM, and with the addition of recognizing Milestone Members at the annual Installation Banquet last year, here’s hoping that many more will continue to remain in the organization in years to come.

Feb 2020 chart 4

Lastly, a quick look at how many members have children in addition to their multiples. At present, there are no members with more than one set of multiples. It was an equal split between those with only twins or triplets, and those with more children, though most with more had them first!

Feb 2020 chart 5

As seen above, many different types of members make up Space Coast Mothers of Multiples. If you’ve wondered about the group in the past or are discovering it now for the first time, please reach out – more information is available and your emails will be answered promptly.

Who Runs This Club?

While the FAQ page briefly mentions that there are five elected positions and numerous appointed chair positions, some more information about who is doing what might be helpful to know! Please note that the below is an overview and not all-encompassing. If you are interested in serving as leadership in Space Coast Mothers of Multiples, please reach out to any of the current board members!

The five elected positions on the Executive Board are:
President (oversees everything and is a ex-officio member of all committees)
1st Vice President (handles membership requests and renewals)
2nd Vice President (conducts surveys, orders t-shirts and badges, maintains membership packet)
Secretary (manages minutes, bylaws, and attendance)
Treasurer (receives and disburses funds as needed)

There are also appointed chairs in a variety of areas:
Education & Programs (coordinates guest speakers and informative topic meetings)
Playdates (plans meet-ups, varying location, time of day, day of week, cost)
Library (manages our physical library and shares electronic resources)
Social Media (promotes club events online, encourages weekly engagement)
Website & Archives (maintain this website, member Drive, public Facebook page)
Sunshine (coordinate food & drinks, writes thank-you notes and holiday cards, manages meal trains)
Ways & Means (coordinates fundraising)
Publicity (delivers materials around town, writes press releases)
Party Planning (oversees details for major family activities and holiday party – usually co-chaired)
Stork (matches mentors and mentees)
MOA Rep (liaison with national organization)
FOMOTC Rep (liaison with state organization)

The Advisor is the most recent past president and also serves on the Executive Committee.

Each Spring, a Nominating Committee is formed. This group gauges interest in the various positions and talks to members about taking on leadership roles. At the May General Meeting, the slate of officers is presented, and is voted on at the June General Meeting. There is an Installation Ceremony, and new officers typically begin the first week of July. The President appoints the chairs, usually based on the recommendations of the Nominating Committee and the new board, with the new membership year beginning August 1st.


2019 Holiday Picnic & Party

For this year’s family holiday picnic, Space Coast Mothers of Multiples really brought it to the next level. The venue selected offered a large playground with structures for different ages, a pavilion housing a dozen picnic tables, and nearby restrooms.  

The spread was plentiful and delicious, and the craft options pleased from toddlers through pre-teens. It was a great time and well attended!

While the weather was not the most agreeable, the Santa and Mrs. Claus couldn’t have been better!

group pic Dec 2019 party

The following week was the club’s second annual Sock Exchange Party. In addition to swapping holiday cookies, the members also stuff a pair of socks with small items and then draw numbers akin to White Elephant to choose their prizes. The goodies included a wide array of treats, from gift cards and liquor to candy and games. It was a relaxing time before the busyness of the holidays set in!

Fall was Fun!

Space Coast Mothers of Multiples had a fall full of fun activities! They started something new with playdates – while they continue to host two local ones each month (recent ones included Spyglass Park, Suntree Rotary Park, the Brevard Zoo, and the Enchanted Forest), they are also trying to do one destination playdate each month to support MoMs in trying out new activities surrounded by the support of others. Adventures so far are to the Orlando Science Center in October and the kid’s museum area of District Play in Oviedo in November.

They are also now hosting a monthly “Lift-Off Meeting” at a member’s home on a weekday morning. This is a time of encouragement where members and their multiples are welcome to come and express their concerns and offer support to one another in a safe space.

Fall is a busy time for the club’s family events, and the club hosted both a field trip to Partin Ranch in Kenansville as well as a theater rental of Frozen 2 on opening weekend. Every seat in the house was sold, much like just a few months ago when Toy Story 4 opened! Additionally, a group of members and their families casually met up for the local Boo at the Zoo event.

SCMOM also did a couples’ night to try out a new ax-throwing location in town, as well as hosted a Halloween craft night where moms made origami-esque bookmarks.

Additionally, several members met at a local brewery for a Friends-themed trivia night, and a group went to EPCOT’s Food & Wine Festival for the second year in a row, again having custom t-shirts made. A game night also brought great fun with a holiday appetizer potluck, and a paint-a-pot night with holiday-themed pottery was also a hit. 

Lastly, the club  hosted its fifth annual online shopping fundraiser, this year with 19 participating vendors, over 100 shoppers in the group, and a new goal: raising money to start preparing packages for new mothers of multiples in the local hospital’s mother-baby unit.