2019 Celebration of Motherhood Tea

After learning that our Afternoon Tea last May at House of Pastel in downtown Melbourne was our highest-rated event of the year, the Executive Board knew that we wanted to try it again. As the size of the tea shoppe has grown in the past twelve months, we were able to extend the event to our friends and families as well this time!
tea party 2019We had a delightful afternoon chatting and sipping tea, and a hot topic was just how delicious the food was – especially the newer items like miniature quiches, palmiers, and brioche sandwiches!
tea party 2019 food
Lilly, the owner of the shoppe, was a fabulous hostess again this year, keeping our teacups refreshed and answering questions about her delicacies. It was a sweet afternoon to celebrate motherhood.


Happy 36th Birthday!

Space Coast Mothers of Multiples was founded on this day in 1983. To mark the occasion, the club created an infographic that was emailed to all current, former, and honorary members whose email addresses remain on file. Every group has its ups and downs, but the organization is proud of where they are now and where they’re going!

SCMoM Infographic 36

#AwarenessMultiplied & Spring Picnic

April is National Multiple Birth Awareness Month, and, across the country, local clubs celebrated in many ways. Some held events for the public. Some distributed information in public areas. One even made a Facebook profile frame for members to use. Space Coast Mothers of Multiples chose to do a social media campaign across whichever platforms members use most commonly. All month, members are encouraged to post stories, pictures, or facts about life with multiples, including the hashtags #AwarenessMultiplied and #scmom.

It is an interesting experiment – so many different tales are told, and the pictures being posted are priceless. About a dozen of our members took advantage of this opportunity to share more with friends and family about what it’s like to be a mother of multiples, an experience that not many have had. It also led to an increase in inquiries about our group, and we’re happy to report an exciting number of trial and honorary members are joining!
SCMOM Spring Picnic 2019
Space Coast Mothers of Multiples also put together a lovely gathering for our families to celebrate the arrival of spring. We had a picnic lunch and an egg hunt, plus enjoyed one another’s company while the kids played on the playground or with bubbles (always a hit!), hula hoops, sports balls, and more.

2019-04-06 12.28.142019-04-06 12.28.172019-04-06 12.28.592019-04-06 12.28.53

A Group Date Night

If you don’t have kids, you might never have thought about just how quickly a night out can add up. From paying attention to the length of a movie when budgeting for a sitter to weighing out the benefits of using valet parking to get in and out of a venue more quickly, the details in planning can even be exhausting. When you have two or more children (especially if they’re young!), you also constantly risk the last-minute illness canceling your plans.

minigolf 2

That said, Space Coast Mothers of Multiples celebrated their annual Couples Night in February. The past few have been dinner and wine/painting, but this year they shook it up a little and went mini-golfing. Not regular mini-golf, either… the course they chose offered beer and wine (plus wine-based frozen cocktails!), complete with on-course delivery for refills!

minigolf 1

A fun time was had by MoMs and spouses alike, both on the course and at the bar! It may be tough to get out, but it’s not tough to make memories with those sharing this journey of parenting multiples.

Who’s In the Club? By the Numbers…

At the end of January, we had several honorary members convert to full members of Space Coast Mothers of Multiples! We now have over 50 full members, and over a dozen honorary members at the moment as well. We thought it would be a good time to review the makeup of our club, including both types of MoMs.

Screenshot 2019-03-04 11.26.21

Starting with type of multiples, you can see that we have similar numbers of boy/boy, and girl/girl twins, with slightly more sets of boy/girl twins. We have three triplet moms currently, with two having two girls and a boy, and one having two boys and a girl. Perhaps the most exciting statistic is our member currently expecting – do you remember the apprehension surrounding the wait to learn what you were going to have??

Screenshot 2019-03-04 11.26.07

How old are these multiples? Well, we have a similar number of babies under a year as we do multiples in double digits. About a fifth of our club has 2-year-old multiples, with slightly lower numbers just under and just above that. While many of our MoMs with elementary-age multiples are very busy and unable to come to a lot, there are just as many with those in K-5 as there are with Prek3 and VPKers!

Screenshot 2019-03-04 11.26.14

Brevard County is a large area – 72 miles from north to south! The islands also present some difficulty in understanding how spread out we are. Palm Bay, Rockledge, West Melbourne, and Viera make up most of our membership. For the purposes of the chart above, “Other” represents the following locations, where 3 members or fewer each reside: Cape Canaveral, Cocoa, Indialantic, Malabar, Port St. John, Satellite Beach, Titusville, Orlando, Alabama, South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee.

Screenshot 2019-03-04 11.26.29

While Space Coast Mothers of Multiples has existed since 1983, its membership numbers have ebbed and flowed through the years. Over the past couple years, we’ve experienced some great growth, while working hard to maintain members who have been part of it for years.

Screenshot 2019-03-04 11.48.16

Lastly, we wanted to take a quick look at how many of our members have children in addition to their multiples. While some were born earlier and some after their duos, having only multiples is actually the minority in our group! Slightly more MoMs have additional children – one more for most, but several have 2, 3, or 4 more children.

We look forward to repeating this project in the future and seeing how the demographics of our group change over time.

Holiday Fun

December can be such a tough time for a mom! Between the shopping, cleaning, cooking, wrapping, decorating, entertaining (and who knows what else!), breaks are key to getting through the holiday season. This year, SCMOM offered members several opportunities to take some time out for fun!

The month began with a chance to unwind at Melting Pot, where we enjoyed various combinations of wine, cocktails, cheese, and chocolate. After thoroughly stuffing ourselves, we hit the shops! Holiday shopping without children in tow helped many of us make great progress on our lists, plus pick one another’s brains for ideas to fill some of the blanks in each of our lives.


Next up on the calendar was our family holiday picnic! Better than ever, this year the event included crafts for the kids, seasonal music, chicken wings, cookie decorating, and even miniature Christmas trees! Whenever children from infants up into the double-digits are in attendance, we are really able to appreciate the differences between us that are bridged by the tie we share as mothers of multiples.

SCMOM’s annual moms-only holiday party has long-featured a White Elephant gift exchange, but this year a new twist was added: all gifts needed to fit into a pair of socks! All sorts of patterns showed up, from retro Rugrats to sensational sunsets to glittery snowflakes. Items inside varied from nail polish to ornaments to gift cards, with a healthy emphasis on chocolates and mini bottles of liquor. The cookie exchange was almost as delightful as the conversation and camaraderie, and the evening will certainly be remembered as a fun pause in the hustle and bustle of the final days before Christmas.

holiday collage 2018

Visiting Partin Ranch

Space Coast Mothers of Multiples has a long history of visiting a farm each fall. Green Meadows is currently closed, so a new venue was selected: Partin Ranch. Partin is known for their corn maze, a rarity in Florida. Fortunately, not only did they have a full-size corn maze, but also a toddler corn “trail,” which was a small grid system impossible to get lost in!
There was a great turnout with over 15 families attending! We weren’t able to get a great group shot this year, partly due to the fact that one hayride couldn’t even contain us!
Highlights included seeing animals (goats, pigs, bulls, horses), riding the hayride and the barrel train, and jumping on the giant inflatable pillows! Some also chose to ride the combine harvester and shoot corn cannons, ride ponies, climb onto farm equipment, see a butterfly exhibit, play in giant tactile bins of corn kernals (over 5 million kernals in each!), and try out some of the food vendors present.
It lacked the personal touch of Green Meadows, but for the location and price, worked out to keep our families of all ages entertained for hours!