By the Numbers: February 2023

If you didn’t know, our membership year runs August 1st thru July 31st. That means February starts the second half of our year, which is a great time to examine the current trends in our membership…

Types of Multiples: right now, se have a fun mix when it comes to sexes of multiples. We have three sets of triplets, two of which are two girls and a boy and one that’s three boys. We have no families at present who have quads or higher. We also have two members currently expecting and don’t know the genders yet. We have a few more sets of twin boys than we do of twin girls, and boy/girl twins are slightly less popular still.

Ages of Multiples: this is where you’ll see the most dramatic change from a year ago – in February 2022, over 20% of our members had multiples age 11 and up, whereas that number is now 12%. This is mainly balanced by an increase in those with multiples under age 3 – what jumped form 36% to 45%. Our programming to attract members at family events and summer playdates has had to shift accordingly, which has been an interesting change.

Locations of Members: There has not been a significant change in where throughout the county our members live (“Space Coast” is a nickname for our 72-mile-long county), with most members continuing to live between 192 and 528. Nearly a third of our members live on the barrier islands east of the mainland (up from just over a quarter last year). It’s also notable that we continue to have several members who continue to belong to our organization even though life has taken them elsewhere, including Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Colorado! Lastly, it’s worth noting that the majority of our members currently live in Rockledge and Viera – Rockledge was where we were founded in 1983, and up until 2014, our club was almost exclusively for Viera and north as there was a separate club for the south part of the county. Not only is that club gone, but there are also no established clubs in the three counties to our south, so while many years we have one or two members from Indian River County, we do not at present.

Length of Membership: In May, we will celebrate 40 years of supporting families with multiple-birth children in Brevard County. Of the 10% of our members who have belonged for over 8 years, 4 of the 6 have belonged for over 20 years, with the longest-standing member having belonged for 31 years. We continue to have excellent growth, however, as this is the third consecutive year where a quarter of our membership has joined in the past twelve months.

More than Multiples: The more, the merrier! Over half of our members have other children in addition to their multiples, with most having older children. Interestingly, NONE of our members have singletons both older AND younger than their multiples. We also have no current members who have more than one set of multiples.

As you can see, there’s a little bit of everything in our group. If you’re just hearing about Space Coast Mothers of Multiples for the first time, now is a great time to reach out – we have a Spring full of all kinds of activities to enjoy, and our membership rate is pro-rated now that half the term is up.

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