February 2021 Member Breakdown

February 1st starts the second half of the membership year for Space Coast Mothers of Multiples, so it is typically when a demographic overview is updated.

Types of Multiples: the club has similar numbers of boy/boy, girl/girl, and boy/girl twins. There are two triplet families currently, each having two girls and one boy. No current members have quads or higher. One of the members currently expecting does not yet know the sexes.

Ages of Multiples: While many clubs across the country have their highest numbers in expecting, newborn, and infant mothers of multiples, Space Coast’s membership has a balance of age groups, with about half of the members having age 3 and younger, and the other half age 4 and older. A quarter of all families in the club have multiples ages 7 and up.

Location of Members: “Space Coast” is a nickname for Brevard County, Florida, as NASA and other space systems companies are based here. The county is 72 miles north-to-south, and it also includes barrier islands, yet our membership extends beyond those boundaries. We have members who raised their multiples here and have moved but continue to remain in the organization, and we also have members in neighboring counties where formal clubs do not exist. The breakdown is more balanced at the moment than it has been in several years.

Length of Membership: The club’s 38th birthday is less than three months away, and their longest-active member has belonged for 28 of those years! Nearly a quarter of the club’s members have belonged for over five years, and its growth rate is great with another quarter of its members just joining in the past twelve months!

More than Multiples: Lastly, a quick look at how many members have children in addition to their multiples. At present, there are no members with more than one set of multiples. Nearly half of the members have additional children, but amusingly, no member has singletons both older and younger than their multiples at the moment.

As seen above, many different types of members make up Space Coast Mothers of Multiples. If you’ve wondered about the group in the past or are discovering it now for the first time, please reach out – more information is available and your emails will be answered promptly.

For a look at how this compares to past numbers, 2019 can be viewed here and 2020 can be viewed here.

What other demographic information would be interesting to learn more about?