Finding Family Fun

It may be a year into the pandemic, but members are still looking for ways to have fun as a family, so the theme of this month’s general meeting was just that: Family Fun. There was a wide variety of ideas and approaches discussed, so to archive some of that information, a blog post seemed to be the perfect fit!

Two club members presented suggestions and led the discussions, starting with the club’s resources devoted to families. First up is the new Family Fun folder in the Facebook group – this is a compilation of ideas that others have tried or have thought looked like great ideas. Crafts, fun meal themes, print-outs, games, scavenger hunts, and more are already filling the album, with the hope that members will continue contributing to it whenever opportunity strikes.

Also discussed was the Summer Playdate Calendar – the club puts a lot of emphasis on spending time together during the summer, when kids are out of school, so playdates are offered weekly for those months rather than the more typical 2-3 per month. Venues range from outdoor and indoor, free to ticketed, weekday and weekend, morning and afternoon, and are even aimed at various ages to help make all of our members feel welcome. For Summer 2019 and prior, members have also taken the initiative to put together charts of all of the local free movies and library activities that the large county as to offer, which has been an excellent resource for members as well.

The club has a Resource Guide that is updated twice annually with all sorts of information, large chunks of which are very useful to planning family activities! There is a page for library stortimes, one for local festivals, a few for local attractions, a few for trail guides across the county, plus an opt-in map of where members live and a membership directory to help members connect better with those who live near them, have multiples of a similar age, or even just similar interests! Examples of these pages were shown, as well as the links that make the maps (both directory and trail) interactive.

For many years, an annual camping trip was something that the club looked forward to. It was revived earlier this month for Spring Break with a three-night trip to Salt Springs in the Ocala National Forest. Those families who attended reported a great time with plenty of family fun, and the club intends to examine bringing it back again in 2022.