We average over 50 events each year, with a wide range of activities for just MoM, just Dad, and the whole family.

The third Thursday of every month is our General Meeting – this could be a craft, guest speaker, potluck, trivia night, etc. These events are sponsored by club funds.

We also have Daytime Activities throughout the year, with August – May often having stroller walks, coffee meetups, and playdates. In June & July, we have weekly meetups with activities for all ages.

We have planning meetings monthly via Zoom where any member is welcome to join.

We have MoMs’ Nights Out every couple months that could be meeting up for ice cream, dancing, brunch… even going to EPCOT.

There are Family Events sprinkled in as well – we have an annual trip to Partin Ranch that has a big turn-out, a Trunk-or-Treat event, and also themed parties with crafts, food, and other activities.

There are also special events throughout the year – times when just the dads get together, couples’ nights out, a White Elephant Sock party, and, of course, our annual Recognition and Installation Dinner.

This is an example of what the highlights of a year in our group looks like.

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