Multiples of America’s 2021 Summit

Due to the pandemic, Multiples of America’s 2021 Convention suffered a similar fate to that of 2020: it was canceled. Rather than go to San Antonio for four days, participants could log-on to a two-day Summit on Zoom instead. Many of the features that go along with convention were moved to taking place in advance (such as what is normally the Budget & Bylaw workshop and the Memorial Service), or scrapped from the lineup (such as the Local Club and State Networking sessions). Still, a large amount of content and discussion took place to carry out the business of the organization on July 31st and August 1st.

The credentials report noted that 130 people registered to attend, representing 34 states and 70 clubs.

The first day opened with an inspirational message delivered by Kionna-Alycia Keels, a MoM in South Carolina, about letting go of things that weren’t meant to be, and judging by the comments in the Zoom, was very well received. There were multiple reports given, including the minutes of the 2019 convention, the treasurer’s report, president’s report, nominating committee’s report, and the annual report. Voting was done smoothly via an electronic system, which allowed the organization to be able to adopt standing rules, the convention program, and more.

Elected positions were handled simply, as there was a single slate. Amendments 1-5 yielded little discussion, though 6 (the dues increase) was more complicated. This is likely due to previous discussions in the mini-zoom forums over the past few months. All amendments passed.

The keynote for the first day was Christie Cuthbert, a Texas MoM with a singleton and triplets. She has a few published books and other accolades, and spoke about lessening your anxieties and enjoying the journey of family life. She shared her fertility journey, her failure at going back to work, and other ups and downs. One section discussed social media and how what is posted isn’t always the whole picture and she gave a humorous example from real life. She also spoke a bit about limiting your social media to only things that bring you joy.

The second day again opened with an inspirational message by Kionna-Alycia Keels, who spoke this time about music and volunteering. The big question was asking what part of the body you are, whether feet or hands or voice or heart, etc. and finding a way to volunteer in your local club to use who you are. She gave examples about secretary could be hands because they type the minutes, meal train organizers and mentor coordinators would be heart because they care, etc.

Service awards were presented for those completing 1-year, 5-year, 10, 15, 20, and 25 years of service to the organization.

The budget as originally presented was defeated, for two main reasons: more information is now available regarding changes in upcoming costs than was known at the time it was put together, and also the vote yesterday changed the dues to be received. The new budget passed unanimously.

“The Good of the Order” allowed clubs to share positive things that are happening, and that took place for about 40 minutes.

The keynote speakers for Sunday were a mother-daughter duo of medical professionals, Curline & Candace Olusula (Candace’s brother is Kevin from Pentatonix). They spoke on “Raising Children to Walk in Freedom” and took turns presenting. It was significantly longer than the previous day’s speaker, and included a powerpoint that covered everything from the wisdom of trauma to stressors to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Women historically being stress absorbers was also discussed, three biblical quotes were given, the mantra “inner heart before outer art” was explained, perhaps the biggest takeaway was making sure to clarify for your children in advance on how to behave in different situations.

The outgoing President made a speech, the officers were inducted, and the incoming President shared her vision for the new term before the Summit wrapped. This year’s motto will be “Partners in Progress.”