A Different December

With the pandemic continuing on, the club opted not to have craft playdates or a family event in December, which are typical mainstays for the organization. It did, however, continue with its annual Sock Exchange event.

The attire was not only “ugly sweater,” but also included a competition for best socks! Everyone also brought a pair of socks stuffed with goodies, and to play it safe, this year the socks weren’t opened until all picks and steals had been made to minimize handling. It definitely made for an interesting activity, to choose a gift purely based on its wrapping! Three sets of MoMs ended up selecting the socks that one another had brought, so it was certainly an evening where great minds thought alike! It was different to not enjoy the comfy couches and bowls of snacks that is the usual, but attendees were grateful for the opportunity to sit spaces out on a member’s patio and enjoy pre-packaged goodies nonetheless.