Mother’s Day Fun

In 2018 and 2019, Space Coast Mothers of Multiples had a May event designed as a Celebration of Motherhood. Among many things in 2020, it did not take place for obvious reasons. Sadly, the tea shoppe where the previous events were held did not last through the pandemic, so a new approach was deemed necessary. For 2021, a Celebration of Motherhood was really done in three parts!

First, club partner Allison Leigh Photography, set-up a day when our members’ families could do individual mini sessions at a discounted rate. The turnaround time was amazing and the images were excellent! As a thank-you for participating, the club also gave each member family a photo frame to use in displaying their portraits.

Second, the club ran a Secret Santa-esque exchange where members could opt-in to share their favorite things and be matched with someone to put together a small gift for. Recipients did not learn who magically left them a porch present, and many of the participants remarked about the great items they received. Below are a couple of the great packages!

May Gifts

Last, to make sure all were included, Mother’s Day cards were mailed out to all members. Space Coast Mothers of Multiples has had a holiday card tradition going for a few years now, but this was the first mass-mailing attempted otherwise – and aside from a few cards getting delayed on their way to their destinations, feedback was warm and fuzzy.

These were lovely ways to be reminded how meaningful it is to be recognized as a mother, even if no big event could take place.