Holiday Fun

December can be such a tough time for a mom! Between the shopping, cleaning, cooking, wrapping, decorating, entertaining (and who knows what else!), breaks are key to getting through the holiday season. This year, SCMOM offered members several opportunities to take some time out for fun!

The month began with a chance to unwind at Melting Pot, where we enjoyed various combinations of wine, cocktails, cheese, and chocolate. After thoroughly stuffing ourselves, we hit the shops! Holiday shopping without children in tow helped many of us make great progress on our lists, plus pick one another’s brains for ideas to fill some of the blanks in each of our lives.


Next up on the calendar was our family holiday picnic! Better than ever, this year the event included crafts for the kids, seasonal music, chicken wings, cookie decorating, and even miniature Christmas trees! Whenever children from infants up into the double-digits are in attendance, we are really able to appreciate the differences between us that are bridged by the tie we share as mothers of multiples.

SCMOM’s annual moms-only holiday party has long-featured a White Elephant gift exchange, but this year a new twist was added: all gifts needed to fit into a pair of socks! All sorts of patterns showed up, from retro Rugrats to sensational sunsets to glittery snowflakes. Items inside varied from nail polish to ornaments to gift cards, with a healthy emphasis on chocolates and mini bottles of liquor. The cookie exchange was almost as delightful as the conversation and camaraderie, and the evening will certainly be remembered as a fun pause in the hustle and bustle of the final days before Christmas.

holiday collage 2018

Visiting Partin Ranch

Space Coast Mothers of Multiples has a long history of visiting a farm each fall. Green Meadows is currently closed, so a new venue was selected: Partin Ranch. Partin is known for their corn maze, a rarity in Florida. Fortunately, not only did they have a full-size corn maze, but also a toddler corn “trail,” which was a small grid system impossible to get lost in!
There was a great turnout with over 15 families attending! We weren’t able to get a great group shot this year, partly due to the fact that one hayride couldn’t even contain us!
Highlights included seeing animals (goats, pigs, bulls, horses), riding the hayride and the barrel train, and jumping on the giant inflatable pillows! Some also chose to ride the combine harvester and shoot corn cannons, ride ponies, climb onto farm equipment, see a butterfly exhibit, play in giant tactile bins of corn kernals (over 5 million kernals in each!), and try out some of the food vendors present.
It lacked the personal touch of Green Meadows, but for the location and price, worked out to keep our families of all ages entertained for hours!

We were the Guests!

Florida Organization of Mothers of Twins Club’s (FOMOTC) annual convention was a hit with SCMOM! We had 16 members in attendance, and we had a great time over the course of four days!

The convention this year was held in Palm Coast, only 100 miles north of Melbourne, making for a simple drive to a lovely area. From the beach and the boutiques to the food and the fun, it was a fabulous spot to visit. We were able to spend some time exploring the area thanks to a scavenger hunt that had been planned – the overall favorite spot was probably the wine slushies!
The theme this year was “Be Our Guest,” a play on the Beauty and the Beast tea party. The installation of officers at the luncheon included a hilarious skit with little old ladies making a hodgepodge of teas. The theme carried into a competition for fascinators as well, so our club utilized our rainbow to showcase a spectrum of colors in solidarity!
The annual meeting is a highlight of the convention, allowing members to find out about how other clubs are fundraising, the state of the organization in terms of membership, advancements in multiples studies, and more. It’s also when members are recognized for their service to the local clubs as well as the state organization.
It’s all a mix of business with pleasure, though! The weekend also included a movie night, where members were encouraged to sing along to Mamma Mia! Some of our girls even matched their pajamas – and they weren’t even the only ones who went with donuts!
Plus, there was also rock painting, with a focus on using them as marketing tools to help spread the word about local clubs throughout the state. Florida has fewer active clubs than it once did, so every little bit helps when trying to grow our groups to support more MoMs!
The most exciting thing about Convention 2018? The announcement that Space Coast will be hosting Convention 2019! We are honored to take on this responsibility and hope to do the state organization proud!

A Day at Disney

When is the last time you had a whole child-free day with your gal pals? SCMOM took at Saturday and went to enjoy the Food & Wine Festival at EPCOT! With shirts and ears, the group was easy to spot, and moms of multiples from other places stopped to talk a couple times – one even asked for a picture! oct 1Three moms arrived early enough for “rope drop,” which is definitely something that is tough to do with two or more children in tow! There was a rush to Frozen, then time for Spaceship Earth before meeting up with those who came at a more reasonable hour.

Everyone was together to enjoy starting the Festival with mimosas and cronuts, followed by a ride on Soarin’ – something many with shorter children aren’t able to do on Disney ventures! There was shopping, visiting countless booths for delicious food and tasty drinks, a character visit with Mary Poppins, and a Baha Men concert.
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As moms began to drop for the day, others pushed on with determination to finish Remy’s scavenger hunt, ride Frozen again, tour the Mexico pavilion, and pick up souvenirs for their little ones. As the night wound down, two were left to hit up Test Track and experience the magnificence that is IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth. It was a day to remember, and an awesome reminder of how fun Disney can be for adults!

Things We Did This Year

With the membership year ending in just a few days, it’s a great time to reflect on all of the different experiences that we had as mothers of multiples between August 2017 and now. We’ve had many different types of playdates, some great board meetings (especially the brunches!), educating guest speakers, fun crafts, great snacks, and more.

We had four different zoo playdates, where we were able to see our little ones’ faces of joy seeing the different animals – especially the temporary exhibits for dinosaurs and butterflies! We tried out the preschooler playtimes at the West Melbourne and Wickham community centers, as well as the kids’ venues, YuJump and Rain or Shine. There were park meetups, nature center get-togethers, shoreline fun, pool time, and even playdates at members’ homes. Ideas for new and exciting spots to visit are being investigated now – Brevard is full of places to play!
blog 2
We checked out local venues like Tequila Azul, Grills, Twisted Birch, World of Beer, and Pizza Gallery, plus hit up some bigger chains like Ben & Jerry’s and Bruster’s. And sometimes we stayed in and ate – our pancakes in pajamas night was delicious, and our taco potluck had an awesome array of options!

We had game nights, went holiday shopping, spent a night coloring for stress relief, and even made hats in celebration of the Kentucky Derby! Not many of us were aware it was even Derby season, but thankfully we have some equestrian fans to help us out!
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blog 4
In the fall we had our annual family field trip to Green Meadows Farm, not knowing it would be the last due to the location’s closure a few months ago. The spring brought a fun family picnic with a large egg hunt. We also had a great crowd at our annual White Elephant and Cookie Exchange, and we sold every seat to our Celebration of Motherhood Afternoon Tea!
blog 3
We were able to have speakers educate us about child nutrition, bullying, and photography, only a few of the many topics that are often on our minds as parents.

Our club had a great presence at the Florida Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs’ annual convention in October, as we made up almost 25% of the attendees! We also won the skit competition, and had the most first-time attendees.

The plans for 2018-2019 are only just beginning, so if you want to help make this year an even bigger success, check with a board member about how you can help!

2018-2019 Board Installed

Space Coast Mothers of Multiples is excited to present this year’s elected officers, President Amanda English, 1st Vice President Amy Bredemeyer, 2nd Vice President Monet Payne, Secretary Danielle Beshore, and Treasurer Arayna Klenke. Amanda previously served as 2nd VP and 1st VP, and Amy is returning for a second year as 1st VP.
Installation 2018
We celebrated with a fun dinner at Twisted Birch, with nearly 20 members in attendance! The board meets the first Wednesday of every month, and members are welcome to come and throw out ideas, weigh in on decisions, and help with planning upcoming events. We also welcome a several new chairmoms to the SCMOM leadership team, but a few positions are currently unoccupied, so please reach out if you’d like to become more involved!
2018 cake

Celebrating Motherhood

Happy Mother’s Day! 

tea party group
SCMOM celebrated last weekend with a special event at House of Pastel in downtown Melbourne. We had the tea room to ourselves for the afternoon as we enjoyed not only tea but also macarons, petit fours, scones, chocolate-covered strawberries, profiterolesand an assortment of sandwiches.
tea party food
It was a delightful time and we were able to relax and enjoy a couple hours of conversation and camaraderie. It’s amazing how much a nice cup of tea can do for you – especially on a rainy day!
tea party cup
And, what’s a tea party without a good hat?
tea party hatsWe hope that not only our members, not only mothers of multiples, but all mothers are having a wonderful Mother’s Day today!

Mentorship Program Re-Launching

This year, SCMOM is celebrating thirty-five years of connecting local families with multiple-birth children. When the group was founded in 1983, it was designed to provide support for Brevard County mothers of multiple-birth children and others having direct responsibility for the care of multiple-birth children. Learning from one another, exchanging ideas, educational materials, and equipment was also forefront to the organization’s mission. Over time, various mentorship programs have existed to help answer the questions of new and expecting mothers of twins, triplets, or more.

storksThe new launch of our mentorship program is rolling out this month. Eight moms have expressed interest in being mentors, which is very encouraging. A questionnaire will be going out to members who have indicated that they would like a mentor, and it will also be made available in case any MoMs have changed their minds and would now like some individual advice.

Many of our members have remained involved long after the days of diapers and daycare end – twice as many members have multiples over the age of ten than are currently expecting! The wisdom of those who have lived to tell the tale will graciously come in handy for this exciting project.

SCMOM is looking forward to the return of our mentorship program in our continuing effort to help mothers thrive during the full journey of motherhood with multiples.

FOMOTC Convention 2017

If you ask a long-time member of SCMOM to do something the third weekend in October, she will turn you down. Those few days are sacred to those who battled the terrible twos before Facebook and widespread online support groups. The Florida Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs holds their annual convention that weekend, with the location moving around the state. It’s an opportunity to meet other MoMs throughout Florida, learn more about our state organization, take part in one of the quarterly business meetings, and more.

Space Coast Mothers of Multiples did an AWESOME job representing our club at this year’s convention, with ten of our active members (plus an alumni or two!) attending. We are the only Florida club who can brag about having participated in every aspect of the event, from having a booth at Buy, Show, and Sell, to performing a skit, to having two first-time convention attendees take part in the scavenger hunt initiation. Not only was it a weekend away from our usual day-to-day routines, but it was an opportunity to learn from those who have been in our shoes, gain perspective on the great things Mothers of Multiples can do, and relax!

Preparations for convention began months ago, as our Executive Board brainstormed ideas as to what we could sell to raise money for our group. We are grateful to members who weren’t able to attend convention for assisting in the assembly of our jars of cookie mix, which we proudly peddled at Buy, Show, and Sell!

We also began scheming about our skit (this year’s theme was The Small Screen in 2017) pretty early, and we WON for our parody of “I’ll Be There For You,” the theme from Friends! As a fortunate consequence of our scheme, our official club photo turned out pretty classy with our lovely ladies in black and white, just like Ross, Joey, Chandler, Phoebe, Monica, and Rachel!

2017-10-22 12.26.26
Back row: Jen, Amy, Teresa, Carissa. Front row: Laurie, Tina, Denise, Maria, Debbie, Elizabeth Not pictured: Janice

It wasn’t all fun and games, though. There was the formal entrances with club flags, the general meeting, and even a mini board meeting for our members who upped their game and are now representing SCMOM on the state level! Amy Bredemeyer and Maria Torsney are now on the Newsletter Committee, while Carissa Crossman-Murray is on the Scholarship Committee.

And then there’s the unofficial events. The Thursday night group dinner and board/card games, the Friday afternoon adventures at Marshalls to top off our raffle basket, and the Sunday brunch before we headed back to reality.

back row: Janice, Elizabeth, Amy, Laurie, Jen, Tina, Denise front row: Carissa, Teresa, Maria not pictured: Debbie
half of the raffle baskets! SCMOM donated the green one, second from the left.

Let’s count down as the rose petals fall leading up to the 2018 convention… that’s right, it will be a Beauty & the Beast theme! Who’s in??

2017-2018 Executive Board Installed!


Space Coast Mothers of Multiples is proud to present this year’s elected officers, President Teresa Nick, 1st Vice President Amy Bredemeyer, 2nd Vice President Ardyth Dearsman, Secretary Dana Kellgren, and Treasurer Maria Torsney. We are especially looking forward to Teresa’s second year as our fearless leader, and Maria’s tireless hand in a third position.

We celebrated with a lovely Italian dinner at Tuscany Grill, with nearly 20 members in attendance! The board meets the first Wednesday of every month, and members are welcome to come and throw out ideas, weigh in on decisions, and help with planning upcoming events. We also have a couple of chairmom positions momentarily unoccupied, so now is the time to become more involved!