Looking Ahead at the Year

Space Coast Mothers of Multiples took a different approach to board meetings this year. After the new executive committee took over at the end of June, rather than plan month-to-month or a few events at a time, they dedicated a Saturday to looking at the entire year.

board retreat

Everyone came with ideas to improve the way they complete their position’s responsibilities throughout the year, and with many leaders in one spot, it was great to really give club members opportunities to select different types of events to lead. We had ideas for more family fun activities, doing more couples’ nights, ways to reach out to potential members, and even a wider variety of MoMs days/nights out. We also were able to get two educational workshops planned for this year, and even decided to bring back the club’s monthly newsletter from a years-long hiatus!

Not only did this allow us to create Save-the-Date graphics for our events, but it also distributes the workload more than in the past and gives newer members more to look forward to and try to join! Plus, being able to focus regular board meetings more on long-term projects and larger goals rather than brainstorming what to do for the next general meeting is a wonderful thing!

oh, and the first couples’ night after this meeting? A successful night of ax-throwing!

ax throwing