FOMOTC Convention 2017

If you ask a long-time member of SCMOM to do something the third weekend in October, she will turn you down. Those few days are sacred to those who battled the terrible twos before Facebook and widespread online support groups. The Florida Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs holds their annual convention that weekend, with the location moving around the state. It’s an opportunity to meet other MoMs throughout Florida, learn more about our state organization, take part in one of the quarterly business meetings, and more.

Space Coast Mothers of Multiples did an AWESOME job representing our club at this year’s convention, with ten of our active members (plus an alumni or two!) attending. We are the only Florida club who can brag about having participated in every aspect of the event, from having a booth at Buy, Show, and Sell, to performing a skit, to having two first-time convention attendees take part in the scavenger hunt initiation. Not only was it a weekend away from our usual day-to-day routines, but it was an opportunity to learn from those who have been in our shoes, gain perspective on the great things Mothers of Multiples can do, and relax!

Preparations for convention began months ago, as our Executive Board brainstormed ideas as to what we could sell to raise money for our group. We are grateful to members who weren’t able to attend convention for assisting in the assembly of our jars of cookie mix, which we proudly peddled at Buy, Show, and Sell!

We also began scheming about our skit (this year’s theme was The Small Screen in 2017) pretty early, and we WON for our parody of “I’ll Be There For You,” the theme from Friends! As a fortunate consequence of our scheme, our official club photo turned out pretty classy with our lovely ladies in black and white, just like Ross, Joey, Chandler, Phoebe, Monica, and Rachel!

2017-10-22 12.26.26
Back row: Jen, Amy, Teresa, Carissa. Front row: Laurie, Tina, Denise, Maria, Debbie, Elizabeth Not pictured: Janice

It wasn’t all fun and games, though. There was the formal entrances with club flags, the general meeting, and even a mini board meeting for our members who upped their game and are now representing SCMOM on the state level! Amy Bredemeyer and Maria Torsney are now on the Newsletter Committee, while Carissa Crossman-Murray is on the Scholarship Committee.

And then there’s the unofficial events. The Thursday night group dinner and board/card games, the Friday afternoon adventures at Marshalls to top off our raffle basket, and the Sunday brunch before we headed back to reality.

back row: Janice, Elizabeth, Amy, Laurie, Jen, Tina, Denise front row: Carissa, Teresa, Maria not pictured: Debbie
half of the raffle baskets! SCMOM donated the green one, second from the left.

Let’s count down as the rose petals fall leading up to the 2018 convention… that’s right, it will be a Beauty & the Beast theme! Who’s in??

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