Things We Did This Year

With the membership year ending in just a few days, it’s a great time to reflect on all of the different experiences that we had as mothers of multiples between August 2017 and now. We’ve had many different types of playdates, some great board meetings (especially the brunches!), educating guest speakers, fun crafts, great snacks, and more.

We had four different zoo playdates, where we were able to see our little ones’ faces of joy seeing the different animals – especially the temporary exhibits for dinosaurs and butterflies! We tried out the preschooler playtimes at the West Melbourne and Wickham community centers, as well as the kids’ venues, YuJump and Rain or Shine. There were park meetups, nature center get-togethers, shoreline fun, pool time, and even playdates at members’ homes. Ideas for new and exciting spots to visit are being investigated now – Brevard is full of places to play!
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We checked out local venues like Tequila Azul, Grills, Twisted Birch, World of Beer, and Pizza Gallery, plus hit up some bigger chains like Ben & Jerry’s and Bruster’s. And sometimes we stayed in and ate – our pancakes in pajamas night was delicious, and our taco potluck had an awesome array of options!

We had game nights, went holiday shopping, spent a night coloring for stress relief, and even made hats in celebration of the Kentucky Derby! Not many of us were aware it was even Derby season, but thankfully we have some equestrian fans to help us out!
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In the fall we had our annual family field trip to Green Meadows Farm, not knowing it would be the last due to the location’s closure a few months ago. The spring brought a fun family picnic with a large egg hunt. We also had a great crowd at our annual White Elephant and Cookie Exchange, and we sold every seat to our Celebration of Motherhood Afternoon Tea!
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We were able to have speakers educate us about child nutrition, bullying, and photography, only a few of the many topics that are often on our minds as parents.

Our club had a great presence at the Florida Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs’ annual convention in October, as we made up almost 25% of the attendees! We also won the skit competition, and had the most first-time attendees.

The plans for 2018-2019 are only just beginning, so if you want to help make this year an even bigger success, check with a board member about how you can help!