Mentorship Program Re-Launching

This year, SCMOM is celebrating thirty-five years of connecting local families with multiple-birth children. When the group was founded in 1983, it was designed to provide support for Brevard County mothers of multiple-birth children and others having direct responsibility for the care of multiple-birth children. Learning from one another, exchanging ideas, educational materials, and equipment was also forefront to the organization’s mission. Over time, various mentorship programs have existed to help answer the questions of new and expecting mothers of twins, triplets, or more.

storksThe new launch of our mentorship program is rolling out this month. Eight moms have expressed interest in being mentors, which is very encouraging. A questionnaire will be going out to members who have indicated that they would like a mentor, and it will also be made available in case any MoMs have changed their minds and would now like some individual advice.

Many of our members have remained involved long after the days of diapers and daycare end – twice as many members have multiples over the age of ten than are currently expecting! The wisdom of those who have lived to tell the tale will graciously come in handy for this exciting project.

SCMOM is looking forward to the return of our mentorship program in our continuing effort to help mothers thrive during the full journey of motherhood with multiples.