National News

Unfortunately, there is nothing to report from the 2020 Multiples of America convention, as it was unable to take place this year due to the pandemic. However, voting did take place to conduct the business of the organization, so this month that information will be shared in its place.


The board seats were uncontested this year, though that might see a sharp change next year, as the structure of the board will be shifting. A bylaw passed that will condense the board of directors beginning in 2021-20222 into fewer seats and adjust the duties into different subsets. Additionally, Space Coast is excited to be represented on this year’s board of directors: our Membership VP, Amy Bredemeyer, will serve as Multiples of America’s Research VP this term!

The budget also passed, though the bylaw that would have changed that budget did not: a long-overdue amendment for a dues increase was defeated.

On an exciting note, there is no wait until Halloween this year to learn where the next national convention will be held: San Antonio, the city where the 2020 convention had been planned, will host the organization’s 2021 convention instead. Be sure to watch the website for more updates throughout the year.