Visiting Partin Ranch

Space Coast Mothers of Multiples has a long history of visiting a farm each fall. Green Meadows is currently closed, so a new venue was selected: Partin Ranch. Partin is known for their corn maze, a rarity in Florida. Fortunately, not only did they have a full-size corn maze, but also a toddler corn “trail,” which was a small grid system impossible to get lost in!
There was a great turnout with over 15 families attending! We weren’t able to get a great group shot this year, partly due to the fact that one hayride couldn’t even contain us!
Highlights included seeing animals (goats, pigs, bulls, horses), riding the hayride and the barrel train, and jumping on the giant inflatable pillows! Some also chose to ride the combine harvester and shoot corn cannons, ride ponies, climb onto farm equipment, see a butterfly exhibit, play in giant tactile bins of corn kernals (over 5 million kernals in each!), and try out some of the food vendors present.
It lacked the personal touch of Green Meadows, but for the location and price, worked out to keep our families of all ages entertained for hours!

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