We were the Guests!

Florida Organization of Mothers of Twins Club’s (FOMOTC) annual convention was a hit with SCMOM! We had 16 members in attendance, and we had a great time over the course of four days!

The convention this year was held in Palm Coast, only 100 miles north of Melbourne, making for a simple drive to a lovely area. From the beach and the boutiques to the food and the fun, it was a fabulous spot to visit. We were able to spend some time exploring the area thanks to a scavenger hunt that had been planned – the overall favorite spot was probably the wine slushies!
The theme this year was “Be Our Guest,” a play on the Beauty and the Beast tea party. The installation of officers at the luncheon included a hilarious skit with little old ladies making a hodgepodge of teas. The theme carried into a competition for fascinators as well, so our club utilized our rainbow to showcase a spectrum of colors in solidarity!
The annual meeting is a highlight of the convention, allowing members to find out about how other clubs are fundraising, the state of the organization in terms of membership, advancements in multiples studies, and more. It’s also when members are recognized for their service to the local clubs as well as the state organization.
It’s all a mix of business with pleasure, though! The weekend also included a movie night, where members were encouraged to sing along to Mamma Mia! Some of our girls even matched their pajamas – and they weren’t even the only ones who went with donuts!
Plus, there was also rock painting, with a focus on using them as marketing tools to help spread the word about local clubs throughout the state. Florida has fewer active clubs than it once did, so every little bit helps when trying to grow our groups to support more MoMs!
The most exciting thing about Convention 2018? The announcement that Space Coast will be hosting Convention 2019! We are honored to take on this responsibility and hope to do the state organization proud!

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