Twin Panel Success

Last night, our July general meeting consisted of a Twin Panel. Three sets of twins (boy/girl, boy/boy, girl/girl) of varying ages came to our meeting in order to share what twin life is really like.


Having the opportunity to ask older twins questions was invaluable, with them being honest and open about “twin issues” or issues that at least we as parents think might be issues!

Some of the greatest takeaways were:

“Shared birthday parties can totally be okay. We [parents] over worry about the twin factor and how to handle it.”

“They all really liked being a twin. No one was scarred for life by any of the things we are up at night worrying about, so don’t sweat the small stuff.”

“We worry too much!”

“I didn’t realize what an important role my eldest daughter played in my twins’ life!” -from a mother of twins on the panel

“Like a shirt I had for them when my twins were toddlers, “Born together, Friends for ever”    I think my twins act like normal siblings and yet have a closer bond. They told me later that they cover for each other, have inside jokes, and watch out for each other.” -from a mother of twins on the panel

“That they kind of see themselves as the same person.”

“I found it extremely entertaining! Loved the young adults so much. … what I found most beneficial… being so proud of the young women I am raising. Maybe as a mother it was interesting to see J speak up so much more than D lol. I just really enjoyed watching the interaction between the twins and their twin.” -from a mother of twins on the panel

“That we can relax. As long as we are good parents and try our best our twins, our singletons will all turn out just fine.”


Thank you to the amazing twins who came to speak to us and answer our questions!

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