Partner of the Month: Allison Leigh Photography

What are your photography specialties and who is your market?
I specialize in family and kids photography. My market is everyone, as I love doing all types of photography and meeting new people.

How did you get started in your business and what is your favorite thing about it?    
I loved photography in middle and high school.
When I had my kids, I started researching and  trying it out as a profession. I quickly learned and loved every second of it, so I turned that motivation into my business. My favorite thing about photography is when the parents tell me, “baby doesn’t smile” or is hard, and I get them to do the opposite. Parents are always impressed by how well I work with the kids and that makes my heart happy.

Do you have any plans for something new or upcoming you’d like to share?
Fall pumpkin minis coming up in October and Christmas minis in December!

Have you had a funny or memorable interaction with twins or triplets you’d like to share?    
I had newborn twins a few months ago: one was crying and his twin brother moved his hand onto his face to calm him down. Baby A sucked on baby B’s thumb and fell right to sleep. It was so funny and adorable.

Space Coast Mothers of Multiples Members: we’ll be organizing discounted family sessions with Allison in the Spring!